About us

The late 1970s and early 1980s had seen a build-up of vehicles for preservation in Scotland and these were stored in farms, bus depots, etc. An initial approach to preservationists about a combined storage/museum set-up was met with a favourable response - until then they had been working in small groups or on their own - and the hunt was on for suitable premises.

Premises were found in Whitburn - mid-way between Glasgow and Edinburgh - in the shape of a shed large enough to accommodate forty buses, and after a delay of one year caused by a legal hitch, buses were moved in during the summer of 1986. The museum's neighbour was an expanding dairy business, and in 1994 they made an offer - which was too good to refuse - to buy the museum site, so the hunt was on again.

Lathalmond, an ex Royal Navy stores depot, came on the market and seemed an ideal site. The museum lost out in the bidding to buy the complete site, but was successful in buying half the site (approximately 45 acres and several sheds) from the new owner, with entry on 1st March 1995. Within three months the move from Whitburn was complete, and in September the first Open Day was a great success. - there are now around 190 vehicles housed at the museum.

The SVBM is run on a purely voluntary basis. Management is undertaken by the Management Group which consists of the trustees (the museum is a registered charity) plus a few invited members. On Sundays, the main 'work-days' at the museum, the place is a hive of industry, with people working on their own buses, helping others, carrying out site maintenance, etc. They also help out with any specific tasks pre-planned by the Management Group. For special occasions, the total membership is contacted with requests for volunteers.

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